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A Nice Little Break

They were sitting around in the upper loft area of Good Tomes, Good Tomes . It was a nice little coffee shop, with a baker's dozen sofas and chairs scattered about like a little den and books lining the walls like a library.

It gave the place a feeling of home and it's where Max, Maggie, Suki and Frank sat around when they could. Max's nose was buried in a philosophy book; he was reading Raymond M Smullyan's 'The Tao is Silent'. Maggie was lounging - she wasn't much in a reading mood - while Frank had several newspapers on the coffee table before him. Suki sat there like a bored teenage kid, waiting, so she let out a huge sigh.

"What is it, Suki?" Mags asked.

"I'm bored," Suki replied. "I thought you guys did tons of stuff?"

Frank glanced up from the newspaper; he was checking up on some stock options, and he glanced over at Mags.

Mags put down her coffee and winked at Frank.

"Well not exactly, Suki," Mags said in a big sister sort of way. "This is sort of our downtime; we take it any way possible. Because who knows when the next time we'll get a haven such as this."