Current Transmissions:


A Leaf in the Wind

Max looked up at the sky; it was a different hue, a light yellowish colour. The sky was clear, a cool breeze blew, the sunlight bright, hinting that summer was around the corner. He turned around and paid the cabbie with a huge bill, then walked away without waiting for the change.

Ever since Tuesday, he had had a compulsion to be here. So he took the journey without knowing why. He had learned not to second-guess his impulses. He walked into a corner store and purchased a coffee. He drank it black.

His attention was triggered as he passed by a house on his left. The windows and doors boarded up. Long since abandoned. He paused, putting down his styrofoam cup of coffee on a post. He lit up a cigarette and let the smoke drift from his mouth like a California hill fire.

"Interesting," Max muttered, walking up to the front step.

He didn't know why he was doing this, just that he had this feeling he should. The porch steps creaked under his weight, hinting that they wouldn't take too much longer before they succumbed to old age.

He walked up to a window where the board had slipped and peered inside. The place had been long abandoned. Graffiti covered the walls declaring mulitple slogans of the day: 

You Did It

I Love You All

Dan You Bastard!

Max pulled the board loose and climbed in. Looked around as he strolled through the first floor of the house.

He crouched and butted out his cigarette. "What now?" he asked no one in particular.

A small wind blew through the house and the door to the basement opened up.