Current Transmissions:


3 Minutes To Go

Like ghosts they moved through the huge warehourse. The five of them moving about like digits on a hand. Systematically searching each room, taking mental notes of what they saw and moving on. 
Frank signaled Mags to where a sentry on duty was located. She moved like a beautiful butterfly through a summer breeze; Suki couldn't tell if she was flying or not. The sentry didn't even know what hit him, as he was caught unaware by Maggie's katana. She struck like a cobra and her blade pierced his heart. 

Frank lead them deeper into the building, wearing goggles that made him look like some sort of futuristic bounty hunter. He somehow seemed to know the quickest route, and bypassed all the security. They found what they where looking for in a matter of minutes; Frank pointed at a wooden door as he took off the goggles, nodded at Max, held up two fingers to Maggie. Maggie reached inside a pouch and took out two throwing stars. Max kicked the door open. The time for stealth was over. As the door flew open, Maggie rolled into the room and released the stars, each finding their mark. One sentry by the bed, the other by the window. 
They found their target sitting tied up in a chair, her faced battered and covered in blood, showing fear as if this was the last second of her life, but relaxing when she saw that it was someone other than the angel of death. 
"Dr. Hendy," Max said as he cut her bonds. "It's time to take you home." 
"Damn," Hendy said as she stood up and rushed toward the door. "I wasn't counting on being rescued." 
"This doesn't bode well," Suki muttered. 
"Don't tell me..." Max said to Hendy. Max just shook his head, knowing what he already knew. 
After looking at her watch and calculating something in her head for a brief second, Hendy said, "I timed the warhead to go off in about three minutes.